22% jump in airfares expected as airlines tackle climate change

Sustainable aviation fuel could help with up to a 65% carbon emissions reduction, but the cost will have to be borne by consumers

May 1, 2023

As the airline industry gears itself up to decarbonize in order to meet climate change targets, there are some questions as to how it will get there and ultimately, who will pick up the tab for operational changes that need to be made - it is likely that some of this cost will be picked up by travelers in the form of much more expensive airfares.

Key takeaways

  • The industry rapidly needs to decarbonize to meet the current targets of keeping the global temperature rise under control;
  • One key ingredient to reducing the industry's carbon emissions is to change how a plane runs, notably by using sustainable aviation fuel;
  • There are several other ways that the airline industry can reduce emissions - reduction in the number of flights, better route organization, and the speed of an aircraft.

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