A third of travelers likely to use ChatGPT to plan a trip

The truth is that whether they know it or not, many AI-incurious travelers have been using artificial intelligence to plan their trips for years

May 11, 2023

Nearly a third of U.S. travelers (32%) are likely to use ChatGPT to plan a trip, according to the latest iteration of the Longwoods International tracking study.

Key takeaways

  • The survey also found that 45% of American travelers are unlikely to use the AI chatbot for trip-planning. And more than a quarter of respondents say they are not even aware of ChatGPT;
  • At Expedia, AI not only drives the site’s sorting and filtering options and chooses which images are shown but it also serves up the price predictions that enable comparison shopping;
  • A lot of questions in travel aren’t really search questions, they’re matching questions. And the answer depends on who you are and what your preferences are.

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