AARP survey foresees 2024 travel surge

There is uncertainty among non-travelers about traveling this year - but half intend to return to leisure travel in 2024

Mar 2, 2023

A new AARP survey shows 81% of adults 50-plus who plan to travel in 2023 believe it’s safe to travel now (up from 77% in 2021). And just one in four say COVID-19 is a barrier to travel, compared to about a half who felt that way last year. However, pandemic worry is being replaced with money concerns.

Key takeaways

  • Cost is the main reason people are curbing traveling today, according to 52% of American travelers ages 50-plus in a late 2022 national poll;
  • And 27% say financial concerns due to inflation are making them hesitant to vacation. Half of those who expected to travel more last year, say it was money woes that altered their plans;
  • Still, a majority of adults (62%) age 50-plus will take at least one leisure trip in 2023 — and most will take between three and four trips.

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