Airport lounges are booming, and everyone wants in

Travelers are flocking to airport lounges in search of a chance to relax away from the hordes of travelers at the gate. The problem: plenty of other travelers are too

Oct 23, 2023

Armed with high-end rewards credit cards and fresh from years of big spending, more and more travelers are gaining access to airport lounges, turning what were once small, exclusive spaces for an elite few into a must-have stop for millions of passengers.

Key takeaways

  • The trend has posed both an opportunity and a challenge for airlines and credit card companies as they market luxury to the masses. The spaces have to be both exclusive and attainable for enough people;
  • For top frequent flyers and certain credit card holders, standard airline lounge access is complimentary or discounted. Individual annual lounge memberships run between $650 and $850 for the major U.S. carriers, which have raised prices in recent years.

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