Amadeus and Microsoft to pilot AI-generated travel assistant

The partnership will use generative AI to help corporate travelers to complete “complex travel-related tasks” using so-called “natural language”

Sep 26, 2023

Amadeus is working with Microsoft and professional services firm Accenture to pilot a new AI-enabled digital assistant to help business travelers using the Cytric Easy travel and expenses platform through Microsoft Teams.

Key takeaways

  • The pilot project with Accenture will see Microsoft technology, including its Azure Open AI Service, Microsoft 365 and Teams, being harnessed to allow travelers to plan, book and manage their trips through a chatbot, which will use a “conversational style” to ask for clarifications and suggest the “most appropriate” travel or itinerary options;
  • The new generative AI-powered chatbot will offer an enhanced way to book business travel, moving from a standard sequential display with pre-determined filters to a dynamic, interactive conversational interface powered by ChatGPT;
  • When fully realized, business travelers will be able to book trips with even greater ease, saving time.

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