Amadeus Travel Trends 2024: How will we travel next year?

Influencers become agents, business class fares unbundle, artificial intelligence matures, and musical tourism drives demand

Nov 15, 2023

Using the latest propriety data, industry-leading insight, and expert analysis from across the organization, Amadeus explores what might be in store next year in its annual Travel Trends research. Identified are five developments that aim to create more meaningful travel experiences for the planet, economy, and the traveler.

Key takeaways

  • Agents of influence: Social media has become a powerful force during the inspiration phase of a trip, but a new shift is happening. Instead of influencers solely being the source of vacation inspiration for their communities, they are now facilitators of direct bookings through their varying channels;
  • Intelligent concierge: Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) is adding tremendous value to the online travel planning experience for consumers, as search and advice become hyper personalized and more intuitive;
  • Business luxe-lite: With ever-more travelers wanting to fly at the front of the plane, there is an opportunity to offer more affordable and accessible “unbundled” business class fares.

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