Amex GBT identifies seven key business trends

We’re entering a new era of business travel, defined by sustainability, technology, and a focus on well-being

Apr 29, 2024

From sustainable practices to cutting-edge technology, Amex GBT identified seven travel industry trends that are redefining the future of the travel industry and reshaping the business travel solutions your industry needs to support employees as they travel the country - and the world.

Key takeaways

  • One of the biggest business travel trends to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic is a growing investment in solutions that prioritize employee health and well-being while they’re traveling—and there’s no sign of this growth slowing down any time soon;
  • As sustainability takes center stage as a corporate strategy, sustainable practices that reduce a companies’ carbon footprint are moving to the forefront of corporate travel trends. Companies are re-evaluating their corporate travel policies to take into account eco-friendly options like carbon offset programs and efficient transportation choices that minimize carbon emissions and choosing hotels that are committed to sustainability initiatives;
  • The shift to remote work is also helping to power a key trend that’s driving the corporate travel recovery: the rise of group travel to gather remote workers together for retreats, team-building, planning, in-person collaboration, and to build company culture among a far-flung work force.

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