Amex GBT on trends shaping corporate travel in 2024

The corporate travel landscape is poised for a transformative ride in 2024 according to a new report from American Express Global Business Travel

Feb 22, 2024

The report highlights top trends from pricing, technology, the future of work and corporate responsibility that will shape the business travel landscape this year.

Key takeaways

  • Pricing: The return to travel has been accompanied by disruption and significant cost increases for accommodation and flights. In 2024, the price picture is expected to become less volatile. While hotel prices will moderate compared to the last two years, they’re still forecast to increase around the world while airfares continue to stabilize;
  • Future of Work: There's a dynamic tension in the new world of work between employees who enjoy the flexibility of hybrid work, and the employers who want them back in the office. Companies are embracing managed internal meetings to reunite their distributed workforces and strengthen relationships between their employees.

Get the full report at American Express Global Business Travel

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