Asia Pacific leads in travel resurgence, according to Google

The region is emerging as not just a bright spot, but a trailblazer when it comes to certain recovery channels

Oct 17, 2023

Google’s research points out that this travel renaissance in APAC is not a fluke but the result of multiple factors contributing to the region’s growth.

Key takeaways

  • Digital adoption: APAC leads in digital usage, with daily internet usage surpassing Western countries;
  • Rising middle class: The burgeoning middle class in APAC can now afford discretionary spending, particularly on leisure and international travel;
  • Demographic strength: APAC boasts the world’s largest Generation Z population, coupled with the fastest growing GDP in the world, highest mobile app penetration in the world and highest inter-region travel in the world, with 56% of travelers exploring beyond borders;
  • Demand surges from India, Japan and China: India and Japan feature prominently among the top five countries globally for travel demand. APAC accounts for a quarter of demand in the top 20 countries, with India experiencing a 70% surge in search interest for international travel.

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