Asia Pacific’s Gen Z and Millennials to holiday closer to home

Survey by Marriott International in Asia Pacific reveals young luxury travelers are ditching long-haul to explore their own backyards

Jul 4, 2023

A regional survey by Marriott has coined a term to describe a new generation of travelers set to disrupt the industry over the next few years: ‘Native Explorers’ recognizes a tribe of affluent millennial and Gen Z travelers in Asia Pacific who are bucking the trend by traveling in reverse order to generations before them.

Key takeaways

  • Native Explorers are already well-traveled at a younger age, with one in four notching up no less than two continents outside of Asia Pacific by the time they hit 26;
  • Native Explorers claim they will be spending their travel dollars closer to home for at least the next two years, as 85% believe that they have yet to fully discover all the region has to offer;
  • Native Explorers rank Japan (52%), South Korea (42%), and New Zealand (39%) as their top three travel destinations. They are also seeking out the new in familiar hotspots such as Australia (39%) and Thailand (32%) through a culture-centric lens.

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