Asian millennials and Gen Z changing region's travel market

Together they will make up half of all travelers in the Asia-Pacific region, the fastest growing region for travel, by 2025

Mar 19, 2024

The emerging breed of tourists seeks a different kind of experience from their journeys. According to Collinson's customer engagement report, both older and younger generations exhibit a keen interest in personalized, value-added experiences. Younger travelers, in particular, place significance on amenities like airport spas or sleeping pods, integrating wait times into their overall travel enjoyment.

Key takeaways

  • Cashback and points continue to reign as the preferred financial incentives for Generation X travelers, while Generation Z and millennials lean towards experiential rewards;
  • Generation Z and millennial travelers prioritize nature-centric or culturally immersive experiences. Their travel choices are often swayed by social media rather than traditional search engines or guidebooks;
  • Generation X travelers tend to journey less frequently and are more inclined to indulge in luxury experiences, as per industry findings. They may also be traveling with family, seeking family-friendly accommodations and activities catering to children's needs.

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