Asian tourists set sights on Europe in spite of high prices

There has been a surge of enthusiasm among Chinese and Japanese travelers to explore European destinations but the weather is a key factor in decision making

Nov 24, 2023

According to the latest Long-Haul Travel Barometer published by the European Travel Commission (ETC) and Eurail BV, which tracks the travel intentions of people from from Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Japan and the US, there has been a renewed interest in European travel – particularly from Asian travelers.

Key takeaways

  • Notably, the most significant surge in travel interest comes from Chinese travelers, with 74% expressing their intention to visit Europe between September and the end of the year;
  • This travel eagerness is being led by those between 34 and 49 years old (83%) and those 50 years and above (70%),
  • Similarly, Japanese travelers are also making their mark on this trend with a 10% surge in their intent to travel to Europe compared to the same period of 2022.

Get the full story at Gobetrender and the European Travel Commission

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