on the rise of bleisure

What do business travelers want the most from corporate travel and combining this with leisure?

Apr 12, 2023

Bleisure has been made possible through the rise of remote working, with upwards of 50% of workers falling into this category depending on the country. The adoption of this way of working has been strongest in the largest demographic of workers — the 25 to 56 year olds, according to a new study from

Key takeaways

  • When it comes to business travel, workers want to be able to really experience the destination they have traveled to, whether that means extending their business trip to incorporate some leisure time, or incorporating local experiences into their work day;
  • For business travelers, bleisure is about making the most of the freedom of flexible working and using it to the advantage of their travel plans. It means business travelers get to enhance their work experience with leisure, and employers get to reward their employees by making sure that business travel isn’t all hard work, and allow them to fulfill travel desires that may have previously been unattainable;
  • The rising rates of business travel, accompanied by the growth of flexible and remote working, creates an environment in which bleisure can flourish. This ability to combine work, travel, and recreation will likely be a benefit to both employees and employers, and could even result in greater productivity and job satisfaction.

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