ChatGPT accelerates evolution of SSI/DID for personalized travel experiences

Decentralized Identifiers and Self Sovereign Identity could transform the fragmented travel experiences market during the next decade

May 25, 2023

How the evolution of the GenAI and DID/SSI ecosystem will occur is uncertain; that it will occur is not. For GenAI applications to be adopted, travel experience information must be accurate, verified, timely and protected.

Key takeaways

  • For travel, DID/SSI will allow individuals and groups to personalize the travel experience process for individual and integrated group seamless travel experiences from suppliers and intermediaries on a peer-to-peer, real time basis;
  • For consumers applications from suppliers, intermediaries – agents, search engines, shopping sites, tour operators, OTCs and, perhaps, new entrants, will predominately be through mobile devices and involve GenAI to produce voice, visual and textual interactions with intermediaries and suppliers;
  • For travel suppliers and intermediaries, SSI/DID will be through connectivity gateways that link to their internal management, information, and consumer interface systems.

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