ChatGPT turns a year old

It's hard to summarize the diverse impacts of ChatGPT and generative AI on marketing, technology, media, culture, and society over the course of just one year

Dec 1, 2023

Yesterday commemorated the one-year milestone since OpenAI introduced ChatGPT, concluding a transformative year during which numerous companies and everyday users encountered both the benefits and challenges of generative AI.

Key takeaways

  • It’s breathed new life into the world of search, sparked new waves of creativity and enabled new product roadmaps. At the same time, it’s brought forth new concerns related to intellectual property, misinformation, discrimination and data privacy;
  • There have also been plenty of existential questions about everything from the future of work and the creative process to the ethics of innovation and the role of regulation;
  • The pace of progress has even led some to fear AI’s unchecked progress could also harm humanity far beyond the realm of ChatGPT.

Get the full story at DigiDay and watch its anniversary video at OpenAI

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