Chinese tourists are coming back. Here's what needs to change.

Destinations need to take a fresh approach that speaks to the Chinese traveler who’s spent three years away from the world

Jan 16, 2023

There’s time to prepare. Chinese tourists aren’t expected to travel far in large numbers until the second half of the year. Prices are up - way up. Visa processing will be a bottleneck because foreign consulates reduced staff. Major airlines will also need time to resume flights.

Key takeaways

  • A mistake that will prove costly to destinations and businesses is to cling to the dated perception that all Chinese tourists are the same. Directly related to increasing market segmentation will be a diminished role for mass tourism;
  • After pricing, destination safety ranks as second in importance for Chinese travelers - and more than two-thirds of Chinese travelers ranked the US as the destination they consider least safe to visit;
  • Before the pandemic, bragging about big spending was considered impressive, but what’s deemed impressive now is spending on experiences and learning by having done something, not merely flashing wealth.

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