Corporate travel buyers oppose airlines restricting fares in GDS

Travel management companies are urging airlines to ensure that their lowest fares continue to be available in GDSs

May 9, 2023

Corporate travel buyers are opposing airlines' moves to restrict fares in Global Distribution Systems (GDS). The concern stems from the airlines' recent decisions to limit access to their lowest fares in GDSs, which could prevent buyers from accessing the best deals and ultimately result in higher travel costs.

Key takeaways

  • Airlines are increasingly limiting access to their lowest fares in GDSs in favor of direct bookings through their own websites or through new distribution channels, such as New Distribution Capability (NDC);
  • While airlines claim that this will provide travelers with more personalized offers and improve the booking experience, corporate travel buyers fear that it will result in higher costs and reduced transparency;
  • Buyers worry that the lack of access to all fares in GDSs will limit their ability to compare prices and make informed decisions about travel;
  • The opposition from corporate travel buyers highlights the need for airlines to strike a balance between their desire to offer personalized offers and the need for transparency and accessibility in pricing for all travel buyers.

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