Deloitte sees pent-up pandemic travel demand still at play

The company's latest data found that consumers’ spending intentions have stayed solid for leisure travel, though travelers may make trade-offs to keep trips affordable

Feb 29, 2024

Despite concerns about consumer spending, the desire for leisure travel remains robust, according to Deloitte. While worries about increasing costs are affecting Americans' overall financial confidence, Deloitte's ConsumerSignals tracker indicates that leisure travel intentions are holding steady.

Key takeaways

  • Deloitte suggests that the strong intention to spend on travel indicates lingering pent-up demand from the pandemic;
  • Nevertheless, leisure travelers might resort to making compromises to ensure affordability, such as opting for shorter trips and more budget-friendly accommodations;
  • A January report from Deloitte revealed that travelers in 2024 prioritize spending on experiences over the quality of their accommodations.

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