Delta looking at Gen Z and Millennials for its premium services

During it’s annual Investor Day this week, the airline emphasized the pivotal role of younger generations in driving revenue growth

Jun 28, 2023

Delta wants to continue to prioritize premium services, but it faces a slow recovery of U.S. corporate travel. Its solution: Gen Z and Millennial travelers. This shift away from corporate travel is a necessary adjustment, as business travel is recovering more slowly than expected.

Key takeaways

  • Delta has been gradually positioning itself as a provider of premium services over the years, offering a higher volume of first- and business-class seating, an extensive loyalty program, and in-flight amenities such as free WiFi and self-service;
  • A key driver of Delta’s younger audience is its SkyMiles program. The program has attracted younger consumers by introducing new amenities and partnerships with popular brands like Starbucks, Lyft, and Paramount+;
  • The number of Millennial travelers flying with Delta has surged by 35% since 2019. They travel more than any generation, averaging 35 travel days per year and spending over $5,000 on discretionary travel.

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