Digitally reconstructing the travel industry

As more travel-goers desire exhilaration and thrills from their travels, this puts more pressure on travel and hospitality providers to meet rising expectations

Jan 26, 2024

Not only do travelers want to be connected geographically – they also want to be connected digitally. In today's digitally saturated world, there is a growing demand for flexibility when it comes to travel, with an insistence on more diverse contact options and a rising preference for digital channels, especially among the younger generations who yearn for immersion and connection.

Key takeaways

  • Self-service hype allows businesses to boost operational efficiency, and emerging technologies can provide analytical insights and augment productivity;
  • As check-in desks disappear, boarding passes enter digital wallets and hotel key cards become QR codes, travel providers are attempting to curate a more seamless experience;
  • This creates a more relaxed and frictionless process for customers, reduces the need for increased ground staff and allows travel providers to scale up quickly during busy periods, boosting operational efficiency.

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