Don’t trust an AI chatbot with all your travel plans just yet

Makers of bots from ChatGPT and Bing are promising to change how we plan trips - here’s what they can and can’t do

Mar 10, 2023

Airlines and online travel agencies have employed AI technology for years to help with customer-service needs. They are now investing more resources to explore how effective AI tech can be at planning and booking vacations. The Wall Street Journal in the past couple of weeks posed travel-related questions to both in hopes of determining how useful they are right now.

Key takeaways

  • ChatGPT and the new version of Bing provided recommendations as broad as finding cheap vacation destinations in Europe and as specific as finding private boat-tour operators in Lisbon. Bing’s chatbot can even create a table comparing hotels;
  • But asked to provide information on theme-park amenities available to guests at hotels near Walt Disney World, both platforms initially responded inaccurately;
  • Currently, AI is ready to do some of the research in planning a vacation, but it still can make mistakes. And it isn’t ready to automate the entire process just yet.

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