Europe's sweeping law goes into effect today

Europeans using Apple, Google and other major tech platforms woke to a new reality today as a landmark law imposed tough new competition rules on the companies

Mar 7, 2024

The new EU regulations force sweeping changes on some of the world’s most widely used tech products, including Apple’s app store, Google search and messaging platforms, including Meta’s WhatsApp. And they mark a turning point in a global effort by regulators to bring tech giants to heel after years of allegations that the companies harmed competition and left consumers worse off.

Key takeaways

  • The broad obligations apply only to the EU, which could leave tech users in the United States and other markets looking longingly at some of the features Big Tech is rolling out in response to the European directive;
  • Google said it will alter search results to drive more traffic to independent comparison-shopping or travel-booking sites, instead of directing users toward Google Flights or other tools it owns;
  • By mid-May, that list could also include Elon Musk’s X and, the European Commission said this week.

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