Everything about air travel is getting worse

Increasingly frequent bad weather will keep walloping flights; that’s the reality of the climate crisis

Sep 12, 2023

This summer's weather not only caused delays but also exposed the aviation industry's lack of preparedness for handling unexpected disruptions. Previously unnoticed vulnerabilities, such as aging aircraft fleets and challenging working conditions like extreme heat for staff, suddenly became glaringly evident. These shortcomings compounded the impact of adverse weather conditions, resulting in disruptions that lasted for days.

Key takeaways

  • Airlines learned important lessons, such as the need to hire more staff, maintain spare planes for emergencies, and create more flexible flight schedules;
  • Persistent issues in air travel, like anti-consumer practices, may require antitrust action, stemming from industry consolidation after deregulation in the late 1970s;
  • The Biden administration aims to address these issues by advocating upfront fee disclosure during fare searches and urging Congress to mandate free family seating, though these rules are not yet in place.

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