Expedia betting that AI will change the way we travel

AI was the key focus at Expedia’s industry conference in Seattle this week, as the OTA works to adopt one of the most exciting technologies in recent history

May 11, 2023

And it wasn’t just Expedia reps shilling AI in Seattle. NYU professor Scott Galloway, speaking at the conference, encouraged the company to devote heavy resources toward the technology. "I think there’s going to be one or two players in every sector, that are known as kind of the AI-competent companies,” Galloway said. “And I think that’s a big opportunity for Expedia.”

Key takeaways

  • Large language models could revolutionize the way consumers look at travel. Instead of using a search function with filters, users could type a short prompt to an AI assistant, which would then offer a rash of travel and lodging suggestions;
  • If a person’s flight is delayed and they need to change a hotel, or there’s bad weather coming up, AI could make that process less of a headache;
  • Expedia announced last month a plug-in on ChatGPT’s website and a ChatGPT integration on its own iOS app, both of which would recommend destinations, flights, and hotels to travelers.

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