Expedia, Microsoft and travel experts on ChatGPT

In the two months since OpenAi launched ChatGPT, the platform has captured the attention - and imagination - of the travel industry

Feb 28, 2023

A Google search of “ChatGPT for travel” brings already 78 million results, and new developments are rolling out quickly, such as Trip.com’s integration of ChatGPT into its app and a content optimization tool for tour operators from Magpie.

To provide a more in-depth discussion on how this technology may impact the travel industry, PhocusWire hosted its first LinkedIn Audio event Thursday, “Let’s Hear It! How ChatGPT will transform the travel industry,” with Microsoft's global director of travel, transportation and hospitality, Shane O’Flaherty, Expedia Group’s senior vice president and chief architect, Rajesh Naidu, and Kayak co-founder and serial entrepreneur partner, Paul English.

Listen to the audio at PhocusWire

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