Generative A.I. is already changing the way we travel

With customer service an obvious target for generative AI chatbots, the travel business is expected to be an early adopter

Apr 25, 2023

Already, generative AI is being experimented with inside the travel sector, albeit with mixed results. One profound limitation of ChatGPT’s application in travel to date is that its data does not extend beyond September 2021. That is a problem for now, particularly in the world of travel where information needs to be current to be useful – but only for now.

Key takeaways

  • OTAs are already today in mid-reshaping from the inside by AI, and even if travelers are not aware of it, recommendations offered and decisions being made influenced by the technology;
  • The innovation happening in travel should be all about making the human interaction between travelers and supplier partners even richer, while creating efficiencies at scale;
  • The AI’s ability understand and analyze natural language allows for more personalized recommendations, too.

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