Generative AI in business travel

David Thompson, CTO of American Express GBT, is the latest to offer his insights on generative AI and its impact on the travel industry

Jun 22, 2023

According to Amex GBT, AI has great potential to personalize the travel experience and bring productivity to travel teams, as it can learn from large quantities of unstructured data and make sense of it, it can help applications take over the repetitive, simpler tasks that travel counselors must fulfill and free them up to focus on creative problem-solving and better serving traveler priorities.

Key takeaways

  • Applications using LLMs have the potential to enhance, not replace, existing solutions at Amex GBT;
  • The company's main AI effort for the moment is in traveler care operations, by answering questions across any area involved in a booking and generate trip or approval emails at the same time;
  • For example, fare rules often come in large chunks of unstructured text. LLMs can help travel counselors quickly make sense of it and see how it applies to a user’s travel policy.

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