‘Godfather of AI’ quits Google, warns over dangers of machine learning

The neural network pioneer says dangers of chatbots were ‘quite scary’ and warns they could be exploited by ‘bad actors’

May 2, 2023

The man often touted as the godfather of AI has quit Google, citing concerns over the flood of fake information, videos and photos online and the possibility for AI to upend the job market.

Key takeaways

  • Google had been a “proper steward” of AI technology, but that changed once Microsoft started incorporating a chatbot into its Bing search engine, and the company began becoming concerned about the risk to its search business;
  • The concern in the short term is something that has already become a reality - people will not be able to discern what is true any more with AI-generated photos, videos and text flooding the internet.
  • When it comes to any digital data you see - audio or video - you have to entertain the idea that someone has spoofed it.

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