Google's AI to power virtual travel agent from Priceline

The OTA aims to debut a more sophisticated chatbot for planning trips and hotel suggestions that are like "a personal concierge" tailored to users

Jun 7, 2023

New tools from Google's cloud division give Priceline access to generative AI, like the technology behind ChatGPT that can draft text as if a human wrote it. The tools also extract information such as hotel prices from existing data to ensure accuracy.

Key takeaways

  • The embrace of novel technology on its website may help Priceline vie with myriad platforms that market travel options, some of which are exploring how consumers react to AI;
  • Both Expedia and Kayak, another site owned by Booking Holdings, have integrated their travel suggestions through features in the standalone ChatGPT program as well;
  • Google's AI will also generate coding suggestions for software developers at Priceline, and will speed up marketing for trending destinations.

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