Google and Expedia on AI risks, opportunities

One way AI may be used in travel is as an “intelligent agent,” capable of making decisions and bookings on behalf of a user

Oct 4, 2023

In a session at WiT Singapore moderated by Airbnb’s general counsel for APAC, Darrell Chan, executives from Expedia Group, Wego, Travelport and Google shared what concerns them about generative AI – and also what excites them about its potential.

Key takeaways

  • To protect sensitive information in travel - is “the enemy of AI” - so the industry must find a way to protect data while still allowing it to be accessible across systems;
  • Making sure that information is protected but still allows for seamless check-in and eligibility and those types of things is a very difficult balance;
  • Accuracy – and the risk of hallucinations – are also key concerns about responses generated by large language models. When using generative AI to write descriptions of hotels, for properties that do not have a lot of publicly-accessible information, the system will “just make stuff up.”

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