Google on using generative AI for travel inspiration and discovery

The company released an open-source demo for developers to experiment with and better understand how AI is deployed in travel apps

May 31, 2023

Google wants to show that LLMs can help users save time in achieving complex tasks like travel itinerary planning, a task known for requiring extensive research, especially when the magic of LLMs comes from gathering information from various sources (Internet, APIs, database) and consolidating this information.

Key takeaways

  • The demo demonstrates the power of combining the PaLM API with Google APIs to create flexible end-to-end recommendation and discovery experiences;
  • Users can interact naturally and conversationally to tailor travel itineraries to their precise needs, all connected directly to Google Maps Places API to leverage immersive imagery and location data;
  • The Google Partner Innovation team is collaborating with strategic partners in APAC (including Agoda) to "reinvent the Travel industry with Generative AI".

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