Group travel used to have a bad reputation. Not anymore

A new crop of travel companies is totally redefining the concept, catering to millennials and Generation Z

Sep 26, 2023

Leaving tour guide flags by the wayside, next-gen group trips invite solo travelers to explore remote corners of the world with small communities of like-minded people.

Key takeaways

  • Some getaways focus on immersive cultural experiences, while others ensure a balance of work and play. Still more enable participants to dive into a passion or hobby, or volunteer with local communities;
  • Group tours also make it easier for people to take the leap and travel “alone,” by taking care of logistics and removing potential isolation from the equation;
  • This generation, who grew up with these more individualistic institutions, are spending more time by themselves. That’s why I think more people are actively seeking group travel - to belong to something and bond with others.

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