Hotels respond to surge in incentive travel

A piece of the corporate travel segment incentivizes employees to perform their best and incentivizes hotel companies to deliver on the rewards

May 22, 2024

Incentive travel, which companies use to reward employees for achieving sales milestones or other goals, is on the rise. As more meetings and sales calls are held via videoconferencing and the number of business trips declines, an incentive trip begins to look more appealing than a cash bonus to some employees.

Key takeaways

  • You can throw bonuses at employees and all kinds of extras, but travel is the most powerful motivator. Incentive travel is “an awarded luxury” to a company’s top performers;
  • With a greater number of workers in remote positions, there's a need for deeper connection through travel;
  • Employees see incentive trips not just as an opportunity to be rewarded, but “an opportunity to connect at a human level with their fellow incentive trip winners and leadership.

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