How adventure travel has changed in recent years

The landscape of adventure travel has changed in the past few years thanks in part to a shift in experience priorities for many travelers

Mar 8, 2024

Off-the-beaten-path destinations, more authentic experiences and trips tailored to your preferences offer one-of-a-kind adventures for a more demanding travel demographic that seeks to explore beyond the cookie-cutter tour route.

Key takeaways

  • Adventure tourism often focuses on visits to unique landmarks and activities like trekking, cycling and other activities to showcase the best and often unseen side of destinations;
  • Companies like G Adventures and Intrepid Travel have positioned themselves to become adventure tourism giants by offering immersive, small-group adventure travel to worldwide destinations;
  • Several adventure travel companies make responsible and eco-conscious tourism easy to plan. Many now have sustainability initiatives that can either offset your travel impact or minimize the generated carbon footprint from the get-go.

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