How Expedia harnesses the efficiency of generative AI

To ensure generative AI deployments impact its bottom line, the company assesses input versus output

Mar 8, 2024

Through a three-year-long period of back-end unification, Expedia has been able to gear its entire platform to utilize generative AI, from developer to customer.

Key takeaways

  • Though platform convergence helped Expedia to adopt AI more smoothly, its transformation didn’t come without hurdles. Hallucinations, for example, reared their head as Expedia experimented with generative AI use;
  • To mitigate against these issues and prevent AI threats, Expedia optimized its AI use to include more rigorous guardrails and enhanced levels of fact-checking, to prevent its AI tools from giving any false information to internal teams or customers;
  • Acknowledging the need for ethical AI, Expedia created an internal ‘Responsible AI council’ to ensure that generative AI tools were being rolled out with best practices in mind.

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