How Gen Z is redefining travel

The vast majority of these Gen Z travelers seek to discover destinations untouched by mass tourism or not easily found

Feb 27, 2024

Gone are the days of partying until sunrise. “They’re leaning much more into the cultural side of things and away from the party type,” said Jones. The young generation has an increased desire to go off the beaten path and immerse themselves in the culture they’re visiting – and they can do that with the ubiquity of technology and social media.

Key takeaways

  • Move over travel guidebooks and TripAdvisor, TikTok is the new place for young people seeking travel inspiration. In the 2024 State of Student & Youth Travel Report by StudentUniverse, 89% of the 4,000 surveyed 18 to 25 year olds said they’ve found new destinations through TikTok, and 70% use TikTok as a trip-planning tool;
  • Unlike younger generations in the past, Gen Z is steering away from the typical young travel of partying. They would rather experience a new culture and go sightseeing. The most popular destinations among Gen Zers were found to be Italy and Japan, which are “more cultural places than the more traditional party places;”
  • More younger women are also looking to venture out on their own. Over half of the surveyed women said they are interested in solo travel, with 83% of them inspired by female content creators who travel solo. Those who want to jet-set alone say it’s to get out of their comfort, for self-discovery and enjoy a sense of freedom.

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