How tech can unlock the promise of travel

How AI can write the next chapter of the travel industry and deliver the seamless experience customers want

Oct 4, 2023

We live in an experience economy where many consumers value the ability to do something more than the ability to buy something. However, doing - in the travel industry - has often led to lost bags in the airport, long lines at the hotel check-in desk, and a frustrating vacation that feels more like a difficult day at the office.

Key takeaways

  • Confronting the challenges of integrating clunky legacy tech stacks with generative AI won’t be easy, especially for airlines and hotels that have already been struggling to upgrade those systems;
  • While travel brands have to deal with a maze of behind-the-scenes challenges, the right digital strategy can ensure customers aren’t aware of those challenges;
  • Companies must approach AI integration from their employees’ perspectives. As many workers worry about the potential for tech to replace their jobs, it’s essential to introduce team members to generative AI and highlight its ability to help them be more creative.

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