How the airline boarding process became such a mess

Airlines have made it chaotic by design - so people will pay to get an easier boarding process

Sep 19, 2023

Airlines have the potential to enhance the boarding experience for all passengers. However, their primary focus is on improving the boarding process for a select group of individuals – those who are willing to pay extra for this privilege, thereby increasing the airline's revenue.

Key takeaways

  • Airlines have acknowledged the opportunity to generate additional revenue by offering priority boarding for passengers willing to pay a fee;
  • Internally, there is a conflict between airline marketing teams striving to maximize boarding-related revenue and operational teams aiming for a more efficient boarding process;
  • Airlines have also introduced incentives such as credit cards, frequent flyer programs, and loyalty programs that grant boarding priority to individuals, a concept that wasn't particularly necessary in a system that previously functioned effectively before disruptions in the industry.

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