How will we travel in 2033?

Amadeus' Traveler Tribes 2033 report identifies four Traveler Tribes that will develop in the next 10 years

Feb 7, 2023

Traveler Tribes 2033 is based on in-depth research that involved speaking to 22 experts from different fields - inside and outside of travel - then surveyed 10,345 travelers from 15 countries and overall, collected 5.84 million data points. The survey identified four broad Traveler Tribes:

  • Excited Experientialists – this group has a ‘try it and see’ approach to life and travel;
  • Memory Makers – this group takes a more simplified approach to travel;
  • Travel Tech-fluencers – this group includes today’s young business travelers with a forward-looking perspective on life;
  • Pioneering Pathfinders – individuals in this group live a fast-paced life, always looking for their next adventure.

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