IATA: European air traffic hit 92% of 2019 level in June

Global air passenger traffic returned to 90% of the 2019 level in June and to just above 92% in Europe, according to latest Iata figures

Aug 9, 2023

Airline association Iata reported international traffic hit 85% of the 2019 level worldwide after increasing 34% year on year “with all markets showing robust growth”.

Key takeaways

  • International airline capacity reached 88% of the June 2019 level, with passenger traffic in the first half of the year up almost 59% on 2022;
  • Overall air traffic was up 31% year on year in the month and 47% up on 2022 in the first six months of the year;
  • Domestic traffic rose 27% year on year in June and was 5% above the June 2019 level.

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