India outbound travel is growing fast

China’s travel recovery gets more attention, but India’s outbound market is ‘booming’ even faster

May 26, 2023

Talk about Asia’s travel recovery is still largely focused on the return of Chinese travelers. But it’s Indians travelers who are searching for international trips faster than travelers in any other market in the world, Agoda’s CEO, Omri Morgenshtern, told CNBC Travel.

Key takeaways

  • Southeast Asian destinations remain popular among Indian travelers, but Agoda data suggests their interest in East Asian ones has waned;
  • Whether it’s a short getaway in Asia or a long holiday in Europe, Indians are spending money - on par with the Chinese when they visit other Asian countries;
  • Last year, Indian travelers spent about 30% more on accommodations for their international travels than before the pandemic, and 20% more than the average Chinese customer, according to Agoda’s data.

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