India ready to become a tourist force

Having recently become the world’s most populous nation, India has sparked much speculation about whether it will continue to surpass China in other arenas

Jun 13, 2023

All eyes now are on the South Asian superpower’s growing influence on the global stage. And the tourism industry is no exception. By 2024, Indians are expected to spend more than $42 billion per year on outbound travel, according to recent reports.

Key takeaways

  • While the total number of travelers coming from some other countries is higher, no nation’s tourism sector is growing as fast as India’s;
  • It isn’t just about the number of people traveling, either. The country is continuing to pour billions of dollars into growing its aviation industry and cementing its status as a travel hub;
  • Experts say much of India’s outbound growth trajectory is being driven by improvements in infrastructure and an expansion in its aviation sector.

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