Indians are traveling but want a good deal

While Indian travelers seek value, around 63% of survey respondents said they prefer to travel in comfort

Jul 17, 2023

Indians say they still plan on traveling - but 9 in 10 in a recent survey said the increased costs of living will influence their plans for 2023. That might mean choosing cheaper destinations or non-peak travel periods, according to a new Skyscanner survey.

Key takeaways

  • The Indian travel market is projected to reach $125 billion by 2027, a substantial increase from the estimated $75 billion in fiscal 2020, as stated by an industry report from Ficci;
  • One noteworthy trend is the rise of “slow travel,” a concept relatively new to Indian travelers who were previously focused on visiting as many must-see attractions as possible;
  • Furthermore, Indian travelers are increasingly motivated to embark on purposeful journeys that offer physical, mental, and spiritual enrichment.

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