Indians spending big on travel, but most of that money isn’t leaving the country

India’s travel landscape is changing as the country emerges as a powerhouse in the tourism sector

Nov 21, 2023

Their willingness to spend big while traveling is going, but research shows that most Indians are traveling domestically - not overseas. Indian travelers took 1.7 billion leisure trips in 2022 but most never left the country, and only about 1% traveled abroad, according to and McKinsey.

Key takeaways

  • The world’s most populous country is set to be the fourth-largest global travel spenders by 2030, largely due to a growing middle-income population that will see household earnings grow by $35,000 annually by that time;
  • In addition, the population is young, with the median age at 27.6, “more than ten years younger than that of most major economies,” McKinsey said
  • Indian travelers are projected to be taking 5 billion leisure trips by 2030, and 99% of those will be within the country as well.

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