Influenced by influencers

Gen Z travelers will alter the industry as we know it by spending their money on authentic life experiences rather than material goods

Aug 25, 2023

The era of all-inclusive vacation packages is over. Gen Z wants to make the most of their limited resources by engaging in novel cultural homestays, dining at independent cafés and restaurants, and embracing novel lifestyles. This generation travels on purpose.

Key takeaways

  • Social media is often the primary factor influencing the travel preferences of Generation Z. Travelers today seek out firsthand experiences to test before they buy and for travel inspiration;;
  • While authenticity may be the primary motivator of Gen Z travel patterns, they are also keenly aware that they will be the ones to experience the first significant effects of climate change and are more inclined than other generations to explore sustainable travel options;
  • Younger generations are actively seeking out destinations that uphold ethical standards and place a priority on human rights rather than traveling to countries where the cultural morals and ethics do not correspond with their own;
  • To attract and retain the best Gen Z talent, businesses will need to ensure the trips offered to Gen Z align with their social standpoint.

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