Instagram is making you a worse tourist

People are likely to act more hedonistically while on vacation, as they look to social media for proof of how others behave

Sep 5, 2023

Instagram and TikTok make discovering hidden restaurants and new bucket-list destinations easy, but this can lead to travelers thinking their usual behaviors at home are acceptable everywhere.

Key takeaways

  • In response to tourist misbehavior, Bali introduced new guidelines for visitors in June 2023. These include rules about proper behavior in the sacred temples, around the island and with locals, and respecting the natural environment;
  • Other destinations have taken similar steps. Iceland, Hawaii, Palau, New Zealand, Costa Rica and others have adopted pledges for visitors to abide by local laws and customs;
  • Campaigns like Switzerland’s No Drama, Austria’s See Vienna – not #Vienna, Finland’s Be more like a Finn and the Netherlands’ How to Amsterdam are aimed at attracting well-behaved tourists.

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