Investing in travel drives business growth

Forward-thinking organizations are leaning in to travel as a driver of growth, according to a new report by Amex GBT and Harvard Business Review

Sep 22, 2023

The study, which polled business leaders around the world, found that 84% of respondents stated their organizations realize tangible business value from trips to meet with clients or prospects in person.

Key takeaways

  • The majority of respondents also say face-to-face meetings create stronger relationships with customers and are the best meeting method to make sales;
  • Business travel is being seen as a key lever for bringing people together - especially now as teams are more dispersed with organizations embracing hybrid and remote working;
  • Amex GBT says the report demonstrates demand for business travel is likely to increase. This is backed by other industry experts who have already declared that travel demand will increase going into fall and into next year.

Get the full report at Amex GBT

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