Is this the summer of bad tourists?

From vandalizing ancient sites to disrespecting local culture, we're increasingly aware of travelers misbehaving

Aug 28, 2023

With travel now surging to its highest levels since before the pandemic, it's inevitable some tourists will think it's cool to pose nude in front of a temple in Bali, get drunk at an Islamic holy site or dance in front of a Nazi concentration camp.

Key takeaways

  • Unlike in years past, many travelers today are competing for social media likes and views, reverting to more extreme actions for their Instagram or TikTok feeds;
  • A new "Instagram vs Reality" trend in social media, where people purposely show the behind-the-scenes crowds and chaos common at tourism hotspots often omitted from influencers' perfectly composed images and videos;
  • Several destinations have taken a proactive approach to this idea. Tourism hotspots like Bali and Iceland now formally ask tourists to promise to respect their culture and environment after visiting it.

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