ITB Berlin: Google unveils AI-powered future of travel

In the future, travel will evolve into a fusion of interactive adventures and diverse search methods, diverging significantly from the traditional approaches we're familiar with

Mar 7, 2024

At the ITB Berlin Convention, Dr. Stefan Ebener from Google Germany captivated every attendee with a groundbreaking presentation on “Generative AI”, signaling a seismic shift in travel planning.

Key takeaways

  • Google is on the brink of launching a new Google search globally, which Ebener promises will be unlike anything users have previously encountered;
  • This next-generation search engine will be interactive and multimodal, capable of understanding and processing various types of inputs beyond traditional text queries;
  • Gone are the days of simplistic keyword searches. The future, as Ebener outlines, lies in image-driven queries and leveraging visuals from platforms like Instagram to spark travel ideas;
  • Another transformative trend highlighted by Ebener is the rise of the hyper-personalized travel assistant;
  • These assistants, powered by advanced AI, are poised to offer support through various stages of travel, from planning and booking to the actual journey.

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