Kayak delving further into business travel

After the completion of its test phase with PwC, Kayak is now looking to sign up more corporate clients for its Enterprise product

Sep 13, 2023

Steve Hafner, the co-founder and CEO of Kayak, discussed the development of their innovative Enterprise solution, the advantages of employing blockchain technology, and potential reactions from competitors during a conversation with PhocusWire.

Key takeaways

  • Blockchain operates as a distributed digital ledger, enabling multiple third parties to interact with it seamlessly. This quality proves especially beneficial for managing airline tickets, as it allows for a transparent history of ticket alterations, upgrades, and transitions from one third party to another;
  • Within the Kayak application, users have the flexibility to make various modifications, irrespective of whether the airline ticket was initially booked directly through the airline or via an agent. This versatility ensures that any involved party can make necessary adjustments;
  • Beyond enhancing customer service aspects of itineraries, blockchain plays a crucial role in payment processing. The majority of payments are routed through blockchain technology, leading to the elimination of credit card companies and their associated fees. This shift is highly appreciated by airlines due to its cost-saving advantages.

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